Prayer that Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ hears me

First I want to ask God in the name of Jesus that he helps and answer everyones prayers on this site. We need you Lord and we will not let the devil prevail over our lives, we serve a great God!

You said you will never leave us or forsake us thank you father in advance for what you’re going to do for us all. My prayer for myself today Father, is that you answer my prayer and reconnect the man I know is my future husband to come back to me and we can rebuild a healthy relationship. Thank you my God for being with me during my heartache and pain,through this tough time. I speak also over my health, finances, and well-being I trust no one but you my Lord.

Deliver me from shame and confusion I am experiencing right now. I love you Father God, my Lord Jesus Christ there’s no one greater than you. In Jesus name I pray, Amen