Prayer that my mother does not need surgery

by Diane (Lyndhurst, NJ)

Saint Jude, my mom has beendown a very hard road with myastenia gravis and just yesterday her blood pressure has gone very low and needed some medication, so far her blood pressure has been holding in the 90s…there was a mention of a sugery since the xray seemed to show air in her stomach.

My mom is 94 pounds and a surgery while she is on steroids I was told can be risky…. I prayed to you hepig for a miracle and they may not have to do the surgery if a catscan performed with contrast is ok… I pray to you Saint Jude thatmy mom dos not need a surgery…she is on a vent and feeding tube and has gone through a lot. All she wants to do is eat and live a simple life and looks forward to attending church.

I hate to cry by today I am so upset and I have a 9 week old baby that needs me too……. I trust in you Saint Judr that my mom will be okay and on her road to recovery and meet her grandson Mason. I love you!

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