Prayer that my husband will come back to me

by KP (NY, USA)

Lord I trust in you. I pray that the struggle and differences my husband and I have gone through goes away and we can overcome them together. Let the past memories be the past and we do not dwell on them. Let’s love each other unconditionally and only to each other. I pray that my husband succeeds in his profession and that he remembers how much I love him during our time of apart from one another. Let us reconcile our love, trust and faith with one another. The devil has come into our home to break us and we need to pray and stay strong so that he doesn’t separate us permanently. Let the anger, doubt, hate we have within us for one another be washed away.

I pray to be a better person for my husband second time around. And my husband do the same. Lord if it is your will to have us as a union Fathr, Lord I will continue to have faith in you and leave it all in your hands.


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