Prayer that my Fiance will be hired for New Zealand

Oh God the Father Almighty. I come to you to ask for your help. I know that I am a sinner and I detest all my sins.Please, Lord I really want to help my family and relatives but due to financial problems that we are facing right now I may not be able to do so. How I wish that my fiancee will be called for his final interview through skype from an employer in New Zealand because his been waiting for many years of a job that was not yet given to him by the current agency where in his papers has been stuck and neglected. Through this chance and opportunity given to him by the new employer he can finally have a good job which can help not only himself but the rest of his family and mine too in the sense that all the loans that my family had faced for the support he needs in finding a job will also be cleared and through that my net pay will come back to normal. I will be able to process also my papers in finding my own job abroad. Please Lord help us, those who are in need. We promise to follow your will and help support your doings. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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