Prayer that I may someday find happiness

by Isabel (Bakersfield, CA)

I covet your prayers in my most difficult time, the dissolution of my marriage. Please pray that me and my children will be able to more forward and live a peaceful life. Pray that I am able to provide for my children and with the help of Christ, be able to lead them down the right path in life.

That I may someday find happiness and someone who will love me and my children. I pray for strength and guidance during this time. Lastly, I pray that my and my children’s hearts and souls are healed through this most difficult time.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Prayer that I may someday find happiness

    God,though am in a very hard time,but i believe that with you i will some day find happiness.and i believe it will no long be a long time again very close

  2. August says:

    My friend I am on the same situation. I pray for patience . He who is evenly yolked is searching for me as I wait. During this time I love the Lord and myself so I am strong for my kids and appealing to that special someone who will find me once I find myself again. There is someone for u too. U r from his rib. Listen to overjoyed by Stevie Wonder it is a beautiful way to summarize love.

  3. Isabel says:
    Thank you

    Thank you for taking time to pray for me. God bless you.

  4. Emily says:
    I, too, pray for your happiness

    I pray that your pain lessens and you are able to continue to feel God’s love and guidance through this dark time. Amen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Lord is are God of happiness therefore he will grant you your wish, i will pray for you.



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