Prayer That I May Serve Your People

by Joseph Ocbena (New Jersey)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I pray always to you in all my needs and in all my loneliness. Lord, You know in my heart how much I have always wanted to become a Physical Therapist. I never abandoned my dream and I never lost hope even when I failed 3 times in the past.

I kept that faith in Your most Holy and Divine Will and that I will continue to do so until my last breath. It has been difficult for me for a long time striving so hard to study and not being able to work formally and help my family in their needs. Lord, thank you for all the people who have given that have been vessels of your blessing and providence in the times that I am studying and that I have none in my pocket to sustain myself.

May my license exams this 29th be according to Your Most Holy Will to be successful. I offer to you my license Lord and future work that the labor I will do will not be only for my gain but for Your people who needs it most.

You know that in all my weakness and sinfulness, I love You so much. And no amount of darkness in my heart will ever separate me from You. Thank You for Your Grace that sustains me and thank you for the Holy Spirit that enlightens me and gives me life.


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