Prayer that I may overcome thre crushing weight of past bad decisions.

by Jeff (Fresno CA)

I have an almost crippling affliction of ADD and depression. Over many years I have made horrible financial decisions. Most of the these being lack of action more than doing the wrong thing. Now despite working all my life, most of the time two jobs. I may loose everything including the house. I fear for myself and my beloved pets that depend on me. I have been blessed with wonderful friends and family. My situation is of a magnitude beyond friends being able to come to my rescue.

I ask please include me in your prayers. I shall include your intentions in mine. I need a miracle. Part of me says I don’t deserve a miracle because I brought this on myself. My heart knows that we are all loved by our Lord and, He wants us to be happy and have our needs met.
Thank you to all you kind people and may God bless you and those you care about.

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