Prayer that I do not go to jail and also that my relationship will turn into a marriage and for the best

by Nicole Green (Providence RI)

I pray dear lord that I do not go to jail for a dui I just got last week. I’ve already had 3 dui’s but they mistakenly charged this has a 1st offence . But when I talked to my public defender today he told me I could go to jail if they do not drop my dui because it’s been within 5 years that I received the last one.

Now I can go to jail! I am so scared because I am 31/2 months pregnant and also have 5 children. I am in a relationship which makes me and keeps me very unhappy. I feel like my man lives with and has sex with another woman. He says no but I believe he is a lier. But dear god I love him. I am having this baby because I am in love him with him so much .

He just visited for the weekend so I’m happy I love him and don’t want no problems. I love him with all my heart . I pray for the best! But now my focus has to be on this dui situation. I’m scared so scared . I pray that The Lord keeps me out of jail.

I’m scared of losing my baby! Please lord help me! Please !

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