Prayer that God will heal my broken relationship.

by Sarah (USA)

Dear Lord,

I pray that You will heal my broken relationship. I know You are listening and I know You know the pain I am in. In the years we spent together, we experienced amazing times and times that were hard. I pray that You will give him the will to give me one final chance, so I can show him that I have changed into a better person.

I am still in love with him and I want to make him the happiest person in the world. I pray that You will heal our relationship into a happy and healthy one. I want to inspire others to hear Your word and come to know You. I believe that I can do this with our relationship if You allow it to be fixed. You have worked miracles before and I pray You will now.

I am opening my heart fully to You and I trust You and Your plan. I pray You will turn this broken relationship into a beautiful one that is centered around You and Your word. Thank You for listening. In Your name I pray,

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