Prayer that God doesn’t forsake us.

(Manila city)

I pray dear God with my whole heart that I will trust in you that I will build my faith in you, for you are the son of the father that had been my friend since everyone has ignored me. You never fails to believe in us.

I repent my sins to you for I have sinned against your will. I had forgotten you at times but I love you. When I think of you, I see a friend, hero, savior, and a BEST FRIEND. I thanked you for staying at my side, for giving me tests that would strengthen my faith in you. You always love me and follow me wherever I go. But I ignored you and remember you when I needed your presence.

I’ am asking for your forgiveness, help me be closer to you. Help our family and to those family who are suffering. Thank you for guiding and supporting my family. Lord you are my best friend I’ am hoping that you would accept me again as your child. Lord I miss you.

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    Child of God, he LOVES YOU NO MATTER WHAT! Don’t ever forget that. He is going to lead you and guide you in ways you could never imagine. Just don’t give up faith, believe in his love even through the most rough and toughest times, because that is when you need him most, and even if you aren’t going through rough times, NEVER forget to thank Him for all he has done and provided you with. He will never leave your or forsake you, that is the Beauty of the Lord. It states that directly in the Bible, Deuteronomy 31:8. Always remember that.

    God Bless You, Cant wait to meet you in Heaven


    The Lord has also ways accepted you and has never left you, he is was with you then and with you now and will always be with you.



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