Prayer that an evil man disguised as good be brought to justice

by Lori (SC)

Please Dear God hear my prayer. My ex boss was an evil evil man disguised as Christian. He has managed to wreck two other businesses, multiple marriages, sexually degraded multiple women, lies to his wife, steals company money, lies to the public, doesn’t honor contracts, watches porn on his office computer, humiliates others, makes fun of others clothes, cars, teeth, hair, weight, houses. Doesn’t like anyone to be happy except himself.

Is jealous of others tries to destroy others success and happiness. Has no problem sleeping with other guys wives, has no problem lying under oath, pays people off to keep their mouths shut, uses his wife’s money for his own, targets the vunerable, meak, and weak. Abuses everyone in his path. Please I pray to you next month in August for his court hearing and ADR case that he finally be found guilty of trespassing, breaking and entering, burgarly, passing himself off as others businesses, sexually harassment, stealing company money. Please let him get a hefty jail sentence, please let him have multiple fines, and exposure for who and what he really is-A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!!!!

Please Dear God hear my prayer. Please restore my faith, health, and happiness because this sociopath stole it from me. Please Dear God hear my prayer. Thank you!