Prayer that all my problems will be put behind me forever

Dear Lord,

Yesterday, I learned that the other problem has not been reported and I was lead to believe both were. But, only one. That was good news! It only shows one and one only! Thank you, Jesus for your blessing! I pray the other is never heard from. Now I am waiting to see if I recieve a check from the other. I will wait to see if that yields some prosperity. That was a pleasant surprise, too! I am so thankful to you, Lord, for getting this far. Now if I never hear from the two other problems from November, I will be alright. I will continue to pray for a miracle, my Lord Jesus! I am now convienced that prayer does work! I am so happy! I have been through so much these past few weeks and need more blessing coming my way. I am so thankful for all you have done for me this far. I thank you for my good health, I thank you for my two healthy children and my two healthy grandsons. I am thankful for a good paying job and for a retirement to look forward to.

I pray all my problems will be put behind me forever so I can move on with my life once again. I will never trust people again. This was a life lesson to learn the hard way. To think I thought this person was a true good Christian, but, only a wolf in sheeps clothing. Be gone! They will have to answer for all this one day before you, Lord. I leave their fate in your hands, Lord.

I pray I can start doing things once again without fear of going under. I do not deserve bad things like what has happened to me. I work very hard and I am very lonely and need a good friend who can spend some quailty time with me and take me places. I feel this is the year I will find that very special person to spend the rest of my life with forever!

I will keep praying for that special miracle, too. I am so grateful for you, Lord, and I praise you. You are awesome! Thank you for everything! In Jesus name I pray. AMEN

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