Prayer that all charges on my mother’s record will be dropped!

by Meisha (Louisiana)

Lord you know the serious trials and tribulations that my mother is facing right now. Lord, I ask that you have all of the charges on my mother’s record dropped and expunged. I ask that you give my mother the guidance and strength that she needs right now.

Lord, I pray that you convict the hearts of everyone including the police officers and the deputies who have treated my mother inhumanely and that every single one of her enemies as her foot stools. Lord show my mother that you are God and that she will be released from all charges, so that she can come home and be with her family again.

Lord, I trust and surrender to you believing that my mother will be released from jail very soon. Lord you are bigger and better than anyone or anything on this earth and I trust that you will answer my moms prayers and my prayers. I love you and thank you.

In Jesus Name I pray,