Prayer Support Needed for Ailing Mom

by Rlee (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)


It’s me again. Thank you for all your prayers. I could use your prayer support again for my Mom and family. Mom has been in the hospital for the past 5 months and today she will be abruptly moved to a nursing home and will continue outpatient treatment at the hospital. While she has been hospitalized, she received great treatment and support. I’ve been able to pay for most of her expenses associated with maintaining her home, taxes, etc. in addition to my own home, bills and personal expenses. I cannot pay her IRS tax bill and she is going to owe this year. More importantly, I am worried and concerned that she will be mistreated at the nursing home and also will be taking advantage of when they start to ask questions about her finances. She is very vulnerable and I’m the only one in my family that has been there for her. Since I work full time and need to keep working, I cannot take her home with me and I don’t want to sacrifice our good relationship. Please pray that she will be treated well and that we will have support to help us financially take care of her treatment and stay at the nursing home. Please pray that honest financial advisors will assist us as she has worked hard her entire life, for nearly 60+ years and is too fragile to work anymore. I pray that I can have enough prosperity to help and support her and her needs going forward and that we are both kept safe. I pray that no matter what happens in the future, your will be done, Lord. Thank you. In Jesus name I continue to pray, Amen.

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