Prayer struggle in life help make right choices

by Seaneen (Western Australia)

Please god I ask for your guidance and support. My wee family moved to Australia with nothing and we worked non stop to get our family on a good path. We wanted to start our own business and open a catholic shop so we invested all our savings.

This was to help me the mother to work normal hours instead of the 17hour days 7 days a week that I was doing. We are now in trouble, not long open and we have tried so hard to get our name out there, to service the people and we weren’t looking much just a wage, and to be able to offer employment to others and be able to do more in the community. The shop has taken every penny we have and we are now in despair of no money, a failed business even in its early days to now planning closure and left with lots of debt. I miss my children and I can’t be a proper mother to them as I will now have to go back to working constantly and missing out on their lives. Help me have strength to get through this, help and guide me to make the right decisions.

I need to put a roof over their heads and food on the table and I have ruined that by investing all my money. I have cried and my stress is showing in the house. Please guide me with a clear head to know what to do. Amen

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