Prayer secure a good job for myself

by Ryan (Malaysia)

Dear Lord Jesus,

I humbly pray and ask for your speedy HELP where help is very much needed in my life to secure a good job for myself as the responsibility and caring for those under my care is at stake.I am sorry and I ask for your forgiveness in all the wrong doing I have done against you,forgive me FATHER I beg you.Please do not punish me any further for I am going through the regrets and I repent from my sins.

Please come to as a quick HELP to me and all those whom are going through the same situation as me.Help us to to be employed where we can do our best and be respected and honored.Father in heaven,through your BLOOD all things are possible,therefore please hear my prayer for one more opportunity to get a work as what I can do best.

I ask this in your most precious BLOOD and in the name of JESUS CHRIST. Amen

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