Prayer ror the life I can give my daughter

by A Father (East Coast)


Remove the mental, physical and emotional impediments of my wife from my daughter’s and my lives.

I pray that a way to raise my daughter, in security, stability and education of self becomes clear.

I pray that I may give to my little girl the gift of bilingual life. That I may raise and educate her in a different place. That I may take her to this new, verdant place and give her the benefit of my life of work.

I pray that my wife find honesty and decency in her heart and admit that she is not ready or willing to raise our daughter herself. I pray that if she does not find this honesty that she be removed from our lives. I pray that God no longer sacrifices two lives for the whims of one.

I pray to God who has seen the suffering my daughter and I have endured and relieve us from my wife who selfishly prolongs it. I have a way for us Lord, just permit me to walk to it with my daughter.

Please answer this prayer and let me save two lives and the futures of my daughters children.


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