Prayer restore our Marriage and save our family

I need your help brothers and sisters. Please pray that the Lord help guide my wife to return to our home and family. Make our marriage stronger than it has ever been. Please fill our hearts with your love and direction.

Please continue to help me become a better spouse and person as I try to support my wife through her demons. Please help her see all the good in our relationship and life together instead of focussing on the negatives.

Please guide her away from the temptations of her emotional affair and that she opens her heart to come home to me and our two children. Steer her safely through her midlife crisis and strengthen our marriage. Grant us the power to get past our issues. Help us to fully understand each other, to get over past hurts, and to be there for each other as husband and wife for the remainder of our days.

Help us reconnect and build a long lasting, and loving relationship in your name. Let us be better examples for our children and show them what a committed, loving relationship should be like.

Lord, I pray for your love and guidance for her, our children, and myself. In your name.