Prayer Restoration for Marriage,Home and Family

by Kay (Queens, NY)

To God be the Glory, Great and mighty things you will do in my life. Almighty and powerful father I come before the throne of Grace to seek you concerning my marriage,home and Family.

Lord I know there is no power above your power, and there is nothing in this world you can’t do. I place My marriage upon the solid rock,
Father I have no one to call upon but you the only true and living God.

My husband belong to you Lord. Renew him and save him from all strong holds of sins . My God that strange relationship with that strange woman I up root it with the holy ghost fire,Lord I your daughter stand with your power and authority and take back what is rightfully mine.

Lord you have join my husband and I togeather as one, Lord who you have join togeather no power,demon,woman or man can take us apart in Jesus Name . O God my father I cover everything that belongs to me in the blood of Jesus. Every work of the devil in the life of my husband be destroyed by the fire of God.

Every work of the devil in my marriage be destroyed by the fire of God. I believe the mighty hands of God will bring a positive turn around in every area of my life. Thank you Lord. Lord your name alone will be glorified in Jesus Name. Amen Amen …