prayer requests for me

by aghshsw ()

I am requesting to do my earned income taxes and recieve it to the fullest and be a beat Queen for and the b e e h b e w b. I am also requesting to recieve big money now and all of my stimilus and from the past and forever and all of my wealth now and for and riches and all of my cash money and plans and be safe and prot. and my enem get cons with wrath to de and I lg can kl and do if nec and I have honor for it and all of the gds and my son and I stay free and have fresh fd and bev. and I live in the places I exp. and pl and be very happy and bles and it be and we also do bett esp me . I am also requesting I recieve all of my pay and ben. and health forever and rch and instant things now and for and I be phy fit and a super mod helath bst model ect., no one controls my son and I and I recieve all of my instant things also and long term and forever and all goods and I do my thourong wk and easy and love it and for ever and all passives and all of my laptops now and computer and mail and intant money and daily cash and new things inc money! and no one rapes or harms me and 62 adn the others d and get cons with wrath and never hms my son and I ever ! I be a beaty Queen for and with yng,. ect people get fired that is supposed to and I get my rms and compensateions and justice for and mst fun and happiness and youngness ect adn have very very happy home ownershipnow and for anf bl. hair now and for and all of my req. and gds and live for and my son also! planes quit flying over my and following me and no stalkers onlygds for us forever! instr and ear daily and all the others now and forever and I enjoy it all for. pass all now and for and max. now and for and banking ect and peace and mst loved now and forever!!! most fm and pop for! stregn mst sk ect., no 1 ls! best mar and all for! I so all of my emls ect. I know nad und an do for and enjoy!Healing for my son and I and always and forever and keep freedom stay free for. Happiness Happiness Happiness!

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