Prayer requests for Maria Llave & Others

by Maria ()

Please pray I Maria Llave be cancer-free ofeverything forever,that I be completely gallblader disease&reflux-free,allthroat pain-free,all cataracts-free,all diabetes-free,all fatty liver-free,all urinary tractinfection-free, hemmorhoids-free,high blood pressure-free,all heartdisease-free of everything,all heart blockages free,polycystic kidneys &liver-free, all baldness-free, all gallbladder stones & kidney stones-free,all cataracts-free,allhemmorhoids-free,all bodyfatsfree,eyespainfree,completely all itchy hives-free,all body inflammatio&pain-free,reflux disease-free,all pains&aches-free,constipation-free,cholesteroldisease-free,polycystic kidneys&liver diseases-free,complete urinary track infection–free,kidney stones & gallstones-free & all growths-free,anthritis-free, alldiseases free, & my ancestors, parents, my brothers and sistersBoyet,Marifin, Fara, Fe, Stella & all their families too & also all ourloved ones forever,etc…that all my medical tests, all urine tests, all my eyetests, all my blood tests, all my ultrasound results, all my ct scan results bealways good  & favourable forever,Steven & his family too & all cancer victims to be cured forever, allthe sick peoples of the world also,that cure for all cancers, heart diseases, diabetes,alzheimer’s, high blood pressure, cholesterol, cataracts, polycystic kidneys& liver, heart diseases, gallbladder diseases, coronavirus-free,eye defects& all diseases cures will be successful worldwide. In Jesus’ Name.Amen  Thank you. Intention: Maria Llave & Family & OthersFuture places in heaven of Maria L& family members, all loved ones, friends,neighbours,relatives,enemies,Tibs,Boyet & their conversions,JohnMikosic’shealing &conversion,ML,Anna,CF,J&G,KS,MaryZ&F,Nahida,Nawal,Mercy,Maria,Aria,Cecile,David,Natalie,Lorna,Angeline, Malia L & their families intentions,&financial help for them,Liz Sobolewki & fam, MariaC & family,MartinaS & family,Anna & Susanna’sconversions,MB,M,N,MP&family,CR,EI,Pres Duterte &Trump, Phil T & family,refugees,displaced,poor,hungry,sick,homeless,needy,theabused,poorsoulsinpurgatory,worldpeace,goodhonest world leaders,conversion of sinners esp SJR,DL,BL & protect us fromall evils,our protection from all catastrophes & calamities earthquakesetc, terrorist-free world, Maria get all her pensions ASAP,those in need of prayers,all safe & prosperous MD,C,all parishioners,Fr Carl Ashton & people I needto pray for & all the people praying for us always. Maria will always get a good paying,permanent tenant as soon as possible. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Intention: Fe Llave & OthersPls pray God Almighty gives Fe L a very good husband who will help her& family financially & spiritually ASAP forever,PJU,RND&others willsuccessfully help Fe ASAP,she gets  herpension soonest,she be accident-free,arthritis & all diseases-free,thatCainta house be saved & protected always from all rain & extremeweather,renovated at 3 stories with good/honest tradesmen at very low costw/out complications successfully ASAP, that the latero man & family be removed from Fe’s life & from Lilac St, Cainta Greenland ASAP, all our neighbors,relatives,friends& enemies to be good & help us financially & spiritually foreverASAP,that she fixes successfully her&my SS pensions ASAP.In Jesus’name.Amen Intention: Boyet Llave, Family & OthersPls pray Boyet L gives up all his addictions ASAP, his total Catholicconversion,complete a college degree, turnaround his life so he will be a verygood example to his children & others ASAP,that he succeeds in all hisendeavours ASAP, that he will have a wonderful lifeonearth&alwaysserveGodAlmightytruthfullyASAP,hiswifeTess,allhischildren,friends,relatives,neighbors,enemiesto help him financially & spiritually ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen  Intention: Fara Vargas, Her Family & OthersPls pray God Almighty will give Fara V & her family abetter,comfortable life, good food, clothes,a decent house and all theirnecessities daily ASAP, she gets all her pensions ASAP,enlighten her &family to have complete trust in God so she doesn’t have to worry anymore,thatshe & family gives all their sorrows,needs,problems,sicknesses,etc…to GodAlmighty ASAP forever,her children Jenny & Francis & grandchildren begood & help her in everything,our neighbors,relatives,friends,enemies tohelp us financially & spiritually ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen  Intention: Stella Edwards, Family & OthersPls pray Stella E goes back to the Catholic faith ASAP,be cured of allillnesses,she be enlightened to give God Almighty all her sicknesses,pain,etc,she be a wonderful wife &mother ASAP and share in all domesticresponsibilities & everything,be a good sister to me,us, be a good livingexample to everyone ASAP,that she assists Fe financially & spiritually ASAPforever,our relatives,neighbors,friends,enemies to help us spiritually &financially ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen  Intention: Marifin Belisario, Family & OthersPls pray Marifin B,Leo,Patrick,Nelly & Tintin be enlightened to begood & share everything with us her remaining sisters& brother esp. FeASAP, she&Leo be cured of all theirailmentsASAP,belivingexampleofJesus’loveforusASAP,ourrelatives,friends,neighbors,enemiesto help us all spiritually & financially ASAP forever.Maria’s mail thievesbe punished&removedASAP. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Gabrielle Edwards & Others Pls pray Gabrielle E get 100% in all her,exams, she be a good daughter& niece,she be successful in all her endeavours,she be a very good Catholic& go to all Sunday masses & have a good paying job ASAP, God be no. 1 inher life & seek His help in everything ASAP forever,God to give financialassistance to Francis,Angelique,Gwendolyn,Joseph,all other nephews&nieces,ourrelatives,neighbours,friends,enemies& the peoples of the world to help usspiritually & financially ASAP forever. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Brenda, Emanuele Perrotta & families, Virgie &Butch Guinto & Families & TransamericaPls pray for the conversion of Brenda, Emanuele Perrotta & children, Virgie & Butch Guinto &familes & Transamerica, that they be good to us forever & help us all financially & spirituallyforever ASAP, let them give us all our correct entitlements due us honestly& truthfully ASAP, free them all from dementia & all diseases, Virgie &Butch to give us Helen’s share ASAP, Brenda & Emanuele’ conversion (power of attorneyholders of Helen) to be good to us & give us all our entitlements ASAP & they all be close to God.In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Boboy, Maridon & OthersPls pray for Boboy’s continuous good health,forE,Lilia,Menchie,Cherry,Dolly& all their families,pray for all our futureplaces in heaven,pray for Maridon’s-backpain-free,wholebodiesinflammation-free,arteriesblockfree ASAP forever,for all ourbodiesdiseases free forever,my successful apostolate for Jesus & MotherMary,that Jesus dissolves/removes all my body fats for goodhealthASAPforever&cancer-free,my excellent blood & urine tests resultsalways forever,my very good healthASAPforever,in Jesus’name.Amen  Intention: Jeremy & FamiliesPls pray for Jeremy’s conversion, that he be good always & helpStella&all her unfortunate family members everywhere esp.Fe,Fara,Boyet,Maridon,he be given good health always,be successful in all his endeavours,he prospers & all his family members ineverything&share everything withus the Llave family always & forever, for Sheila &Peter,Melanie,Mark&families’conversions& intentions. In Jesus’ name. Amen Intention: Donna & OthersPls pray BS,AV, of Premier Strata/New Strata Manager of 1-18/28 Hythe St,AG,GR,complete removal of Sarraf Strata & Raymond Diab,David Logan,Adel Gindy, etc… be honest reliable& trustworthy always & not pocket our fees,that the wicked and evil Raymond D & S Strata will be out of my life completely ASAP & another cheaper, efficient & knowledgeable strata to take over ASAP, that a developer to buy 28 Hythe St, Mt Druitt ASAP, dishonest IUM &EmilyC, KFbe removed/punished & close bus.ASAP,removeDL,ASAP,my ancestors, I be sicknesses-free,diseases-free,cancer-free,emotional hurts-free,-pains-FREE,inflammation-free, blocked arteries-free always ASAP, Iwin 1st prize lotto ASAP,punish all my mail stealers ASAP, allpeople be good to me my family & loved ones,help us financially,spirituallyforever,that the Gold Fields & Sensis people who stole all my entitlementsbe enlightened & taught very good lessons in life, I & my familymembers be given all justice by God Almighty ASAP, that my Cainta house betotally renovated without complications with good, honest tradesmensuccessfully ASAP. that 28 Hythe St, Mount Druitt will be purchased by a developer ASAP. In Jesus’ Name. Amen Intention: Steven John Ramsay, Maria & Others –Tibs & Puss Pls pray StevenR gives up all S ASAP forever,pay all his mortgages ASAP,Alwaysbe no.1 rep of AH & his future employers, ,his Catholic conversion ASAP, hisgood health always,he be good, kind, respectful, generous & patient w/me, loveme unconditionally, be faithful always & take good care of me help me financially& spiritually ASAP forever,he sees clearly now ASAP, punish & remove P,R,RofBASAP,his successful two cataract operations on his 2 eyes w/o complications,ifhe is meant for me God make this possible ASAP.that he be not interested in mymoney ever. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Special Intentions of all my Relatives, Neighbors, Friends especially Dolly Liwanag & Family, Maria Cukar, Nawal Shabo, Mary Zore, Mary Testa, Nahida & all their families, all the parishioners of the world, conversion of sinners worldwide, that all the people in this world will be good to me, all my family members. In Jesus’  Name. Amen
Intention: All my GPs, Specialist Drs, Drs Kamal, Dr Albert Kim, Dr GopiRangan, Dr Thanneer, Dr Omid, etc…, all pathologists, radiographers, sonologists,all nurses, all medical staff, all dentalstaff & students Ashley, & the people working for Douglas Pathology,Argyle St Medical, Smart Family Practice, Cardiac Heart Institute, WestmeadHospital & everybody assisting me with all my health problems.  Intention: My Deceased Family Members & OthersPlsprayfortheeternalreposeofallmydeceasedfamilymembers;Max,Naty,Bogart,Rino,Eddie,JohnJohn,Prima,allourrelatives,classmates,teachers,friends,neighbours,enemies,DraganC,SZ,YL,MR,HR,RC,GM,AP,OS& all deceased officemates, all the poor souls in Purgatory,may they allrest in peace,all priests & nuns I met & people who pray for me &my family.In Jesus’ Name.Amen   Intention: All World Leaders, Pope Francis,All Nuns, Monks &Priests, Bishops, Cardinals,  &OthersPls pray for God-fearing World Leaders,honest & good for all worldcitizens,God punishes & removes all bad world leaders,terrorist-freeworld,world peace,conversion of all sinners,Pope Francis,all priests, monks& nuns, bishops, cardinals world-wide,all peoples of the world to help usspiritually & financially daily forever.our protection from all worldcatastrophies.all nuns, monks & priests praying for us, end to North Korealeader,Putin,Chinese leaders, Syrian leader & all bad leaders & total end to communism.In Jesus’ Name.Amen TAIntention: World Peace, World Protection from Droughts, all Calamities, Conversion of Russia, Third Message of Our Lady of Fatima Revelation ASAP, etc…Please pray for World Peace, end to World Corruption, protection of thepeoples of the world from all droughts, we need the urgent, necessary rainwater in the dams ASAP, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, typhoons, bush fires,floods, tornadoes, all calamities, catastrophes in this world. In Jesus’  Name. AmenIntentions: For my Mother & AllMothers WorldwideAll beloved wonderful mothers Naty,Marifin,Fara,Stella,Marie,Kathie,Lilian,Lilia,Menchie,Cherry,Maria,Cecile,Narida,Ivy,Jo-Ann,Shelly,Ann,Dal,Mary,Eva,Marissa,Juliet,Rosa,Annette,Edith,Chris,LolaEnchang,Sheila,Melanie,Prescy,Pat,Ditas,Lola Pastora,Lola During,LoloDuray,Lola Caring, Lola Ange,Tita Brenda,Tita Nellie,Tita Belma,Tita IndayMulong,Tita Inday Junior,Tita Virgie,Tita Alice,AnnetteU,Marie P,CharitoG,allthe mothers,aunties,grandmothers,cousins,sisters of myneighbors,friends,relatives&enemies,all the mothers of the world. In Jesus’name. Amen. Intentions: For my Father & allFathers WorldwideMy beloved wonderful father Max,Bogart, Rino, Eddie, John John, Lolo Isidro, Lolo Vicente, Lolo Enchong, LoloAmor, Lolo Loy, Lolo Peping,Titos Mulong, Junior, Nonoy, Arturo, Ruben, all myuncles, nephews,cousins& all the fathers of the world. In Jesus’ name.Amen. Intention: Conversion of Russia, China and all non-Christian nations.
Please pray for the following deceased.Eternal rest grant unto the souls of the following:For all  my deceased ancestors,family members, relatives, friends, neighbours, enemies and all the poor soulsin purgatory. Maximo Llave, Natividad Llave, Maria Prima Angeles Llave, JoseJuan (Bogart) Llave Jose Severino Llave, Jose Aniceto Eduardo Llave, Jose Juan(John John) Llave, Henry&Joy Dann, May Edwards & husband, Keith Freer,Lorenzo Ona, Lorenza Cabrera Ona, Pastora Bala (Lola Aunty), Lolo Amor,Lola During, LolaDoray,Lola Caring, Lolo Isidro, Lola Choleng, Tita Lucy, Tita Ren, Lolo &Lola Relevo, Cornelia Dacanay, Malou Relevo,Victoria Aramil, James D Brett,Atty Carlos Bareng, Lolo Peping, Michael the son of Stella, Estefania Zore, AttyRamon de Jesus & wife, OMr & Mr Hernandez, all the deceased CFMmembers, all the deceased FMM nuns,StMaryMacKillop nuns, all deceased nuns,priests, monks around the world, Jun Angeles’ mother, Lola Duray, Arturo &Helen Relevo, Lola Danding, Rod & all our neighbours in Cainta, RichardAbeya, Bryan Santos, Rob Hillerman,Don Eduardo Aboitiz, Romulo Llave Sr, IsidroLlave Jr, Nellie Arceo, Nonoy Arceo, Rino’s son, Roy & Belma Ruiz, SolAgupitan, Henry Agupitan’s father, Lola Petra, Gen & Mrs Iglesias, Tito Eliseo,Muriel Freer & her husband, Keith Freer,Linda Edwards,Mr Torralba, MrWiggins, Edwin Grima, father of Melanie Lazar, Dalisay the cousin of Naty, JoelAlfaro, father of Rey Montaos, Noblejas family members, Vibar family members,Liwanag family members, my teachers Miss Gavino, Yolanda Leon, all Tibs’ deadfamily members,dead brother of Prescy H,Bernadette LS’s mother, Stefania Zore,ourlaundry women Mrs Baguyo,Aling Eding,Aling Adeling,Aling Florencia,all ourmaids,baby-sitters,Menchu & Hermenegildo Rebosura, Yolanda M Leon,RubenCamero,Geri Comia,Roger Mamaril,Pastora Bala,PinkySingson,Alex Puzon,Angelica, Freddie Mercury, Joe Cocker,Irma FeLlave Ruiz,George Michael, Mrs Sta Ana, Leslie Clarke, Ray Campbell, RichardTorres, Roger Mamaril, Pinky Singson,VillaManansala,NenitaQuizon,HenryFares,Sami,May Edwards & husband,Sheila’sparents,Odie Santos,Pinky Singson,Priscila Liwanag, Mario Estigoy,LindaLiwanag Que,RogerMamaril,Nita, TitaRen, Charlie,Simeon Tilad Jr, LeticiaTorreverde,ClaritoEnriquez,Richard,IrmeFe Llave Ruiz, Butch Crame Rogers, Sol P Agupitan, Alfredo Borja, Alvin Sebastian, Helen Relevo, Tracy Wiseman, Concordia (Inday) Llave, Tiya Anday Llave & husband, Ililio Bautista,Ramon de Jesus Sr, Manuel Guazo, Luz Liwanag, Thomas Wiggins, all the people I’ve met  who have died,all dead staff & relativesof Gold Fields,Sensis Yellow Pages& all companies I worked for,all deadalumni of SMC,all the dead nuns of SMC, all the nuns, monks, priests, bishops,cardinals, & popes who have died, all the dead whose names I can’tremember,and the dead people I need to pray for, all my friends’ deceasedfamily members,the deceased people I’m unable to recall,all the peoples in thisworld who have died, and All the poor souls in Purgatory. May all their soulsrest in peace. Amen.God bless you all.Thank you very much.
 Mother Mary made Tibspurchased her for 30 cents when he was 8 years old, pls pray God takes goodcare of him all his life. He needs God to take care of him always.Pls pray ifhe is meant for me God makes it possible. Pls pray that God enlightens him to bealways good,kind,courteous,generous & patient with me, love meunconditionally,be faithful to me always & take good care of me,help mefinancially & spiritually ASAP,pray for Tibs total CatholicconversionASAP,his totalgiveupS forever,Tibseasyjob,fullpaytofmortgageASAP,Tibs&metohavepermanent,longlasting,goodpayingtenants&jobsforever,punish&removeR,P,RofB&allwomen&allmailthievesASAP,Tibstwocataractsoperationbesuccessfulwithoutcomplications&quickrecovery,makehimno.1SCatB,makehimpayallhismortgagesASAP,Punish&removeIUM&EmilyC,,KF,DL,ASAP,letcheap&reliablenewstrataASAP,prayforconversion&protectionofTibs&Boyetfromevilforever,prayBoyettofinishhiseducationwithHonoursASAP,CM,RD,SSbegood2me4everASAP,webewholebodypainfree,bloodleakfreeheart,kidneyproteinleakfree,depressionfree,neckpainfree,toesnervespainfree,chlolesterolfree,leukemiafree,bloodfreeurine,hippainfree,strokefreeASAP forever,I&Fe get easy,good paying jobsASAP,prosperitysafetyofMD,NP,C,DaetCainta,Please pray I successfully unpackeasilyeverything/all boxes etcASAP,that everything fit inside the MD unit,thatbad removalist Jessica,RubenA2Abe punished ASAP,I successfully pay my Philhouse&land tax,successfully get my SSSpension asap,that Gabrielle get100%iinallexams,that ISM,MW,CP,JDof MSS&Cbe punished ASAP,BN be good,honest& resolve all my concerns with 12/11 NthP ASAP,that BN&all his E KDbealways good&help me financially&spiritually always&forever,willsuccessfully rent out my NP unit at the highest rent ASAP forever w/the bestgood paying long lastingpermanent tenants ASAP always forever,that I win 1st prize lottery,ozlotto,powerball,anythingwhatever asap,that God will make me more beautiful & thin,healthy foreveras a living radiant example of His lovefor us daily forever,that God will forever give me & my family&lovedones unlimited abundance daily forever,that God will supersize our dreamsforever,that God protect and save me,my family & loved ones from allthewicked&evilpeoplesoftheworldforever,thatGodgivemethebestpropertiestogivemeincomenow&formysuccessfulretirementASAP,IbeenlightenedtocorrectlyeasilyunpackASAP&findallmissingitemsetcASAP,(AllatCW&Tibs,realestatepeopleBN&employeesBS,MW&,2stratamgtcoms&employeesothersalways,goodhonestcheaptradesmentorenovateCaintaMtD&NthPmtaunitsASAP,thatGodwillprovidemewithgoodhonestcheapcleaners,painters,plumbers,locksmiths,bathroomrenovators,carpetsupplier/installer,blindssupplier/installer,wardrobesupplier/installer,showerscreens/glasssupplier,installer&theirfamilies,namely;Basel,AlbertoG,Joe,Chris,Cameron,Richard,Paul,Angelo,Tony,Silvana,Marilyn,Anthony,Vin,Nelson,Bourhanto fix satellite cableASAP,all their employees,etc,that all renovations toNP&MD will be successful withoutcomplications/ problems with longwarranties,renovations to Cainta house to be successful withoutproblems/hassles ASAP forever,that God will provide me with the highestrent,best good paying tenants always,very good,helpful neighboursinC,CaintaDaet MTD&NthPmta always,the priest to successfully bless myfuture properties,good honest strata managersASAP always,thatC,MtD&NthP&all my other properties be thievesfree forever,that God willenlighten me to go back to the workforce & stop me from being depressed& see people ASAP,that God will give me heaps of good paying modelling jobsASAP,that God help me & my family & all our loved ones in everythingdaily forever,that God enlighten& teach the people who malign me very goodlessons in life ASAP forever,that God will forever cure me & my family& all our loved ones,SJR&all the sick peoples of theworld,ofallsicknesses,diseases,illnessesforever,beforevercuredofhighbloodpressure,polycystickidneys&liver,gallstones,kidneyproteinleakfree,bleedinghemorrhoidsfreeforever,heartdiseasefree,breast,knees,armpits,allourinternalorgans,havehealthybones&nervesallover,hiplowerbackpainsfree,strokefree,accidentfree,healthyknees,backachefree,shoulderachefree,wholebodypainfree,pancreas,coughs,colds,sugar,eyes,throat,tongue,Ibe diabetes-free,head,our whole body healing from head to toeforever,be,pain-free of everything forever,bebodyfatfreeASAPforeverbeinflammation-freeofeverythingASAP forever,be sickness,illness,disease-free ofeverything,be cancer-free of everything forever,depression-free,uricacid-free,arteriesblockfree,,cararacts-free,diabetesfree,wholebodiesinflammationfreeASAPforever,cirrhosisfree,parkinsonfree,dementiafree,alzheimersfree,bowelcancerfree,maculardegenerationfree,gout/anthritis/constipation,kidneyproteinleakfree,heartdiseasefreeetc.forever,that my colonoscopy/haemorrhoid willbecomplicationfree&cancerfreeforever,myappetitebesuppressedforgoodhealthforever,thatGodwillmakeme&Feveryinspired,strong,focused,enduringin applying for very easy,good paying lawful,permanent jobs daily forever&be very successful,in getting very easy,good paying permanent job ASAP,withextensive networking connections asap forever,depression-free dailyforever,that all world leaders humble themselves & seek God ASAP,that Godwill give us World Peace,that God give us terrorists free world ASAPforever,that God will remove all the bad/wicked people from Tibs ,me & ourloved ones,ASAP,that God will give Fe & me very easy, good paying,permanentjobs asap,that God will give Fe & me very good husbands ASAP who will loveus forever, take good care of us forever & help us & all our familiesfinancially & spiritually asap forever,that God will forever makeme,my,family&loved ones debt-free forever,that God will makeme,FeStellaovercomealllaziness,inactivity,keeping from the outside world dailyforever,that God will assist all the sick,poor,hungry,all the needy,homelessalways forever,that God will give me the clearest face,finest facial poresASAPforever,that God give me the fastest metabolism for goodhealthASAPforever,that God will increase & increase my savings alwaysforever,,that God will give me numerous modelling assignments againASAP,thatGod will give me a successful & abundant retirement ASAP forever,that anymove will be successful without complications ASAP,that God will give us ourinheritances,SSS claims asap,that God will enlighten all ourneighbours,friends,relatives,enemies,all the people we meet daily,all thepeoples of the world especially all the employees of B,PH,MG(to give me thelawful pay ASAP&all employees ofB,E,LD,Steve,NM,RSofE,Ddirectors,SelimD&Fam& all their staff,all myfuture employers & all their staff to be good to me,my brothers &sisters & all our loved ones forever & help us all financially &spiritually daily forever& give us very easy,good paying,lawful,permanentjobs ASAP,that God will forever save & protect me,all my brothers &sisters,GE & all our loved ones from all the evil& wicked peoples ofthe world especiallyMD,NP,C,C,DCN,Antipolo,everywhereinthisworld,J,RofA2AR,TPG&employees,BN&employees,BS,MK,Joe,Bourhan,Pig&son,punishIUM,FT,MW,CR,GB,CP,CR,GB,Ric&RebeccaofB,RL,SM,JC,MS,T,RA,BM,SM,HG,BS,MarilouB,SuzetteF,RND,BettyD,JPM,MCB,SF,PO,RS,MP,RDJ,TT,JA,SS,LD,NofE,B,PH,K,L,A,allthewicked&evilemployeesofB,E,D,PE,T,S,OEMD,B,AMW,KF,UU,M,T,S,C,G,Y,TPG,Bzl,Blessie,BM,Tess,RGL,allthe wicked & evil past,present & future employers worldwide dailyforever,that God removes RfromB ASAP,that God removes all the wicked & evilpeoples from my life,SJR’s life & the lives of my family,all our loved onesASAP forever,that God will give me new properties without moulds asap,pleasepray for thespecialintentionsofmyself&allmembersofmyfamily&allourlovedonesJ,RL,LofMms,KS,N,M,B&S,ME,MZ,N,M,FrsC,A,S,B,G&par,allEdwfamily,CR,Edm,BN,V,M,FrCA,SG,PC,SE,ME,JE,SE,GE,FR,LV,ME,SJR,HOR,DBL,MQP,SE,AI,AK,DrFC,DrDM,JJE,ML,ML,KL,SM,KG,S,DL,MT,BM&PC,SE,JE,SE,SG,PC,KG,MG,PJU,PH,SH,MPE,QG,FQ,DQ,LS,JD,RoE,LM,Y,AL,CM,G,KT,MT,NB,A&membersoftheirfamilies,plsprayfortheconversionofsinners,allourneighbours,friends,relatives&enemieswhohavediedespeciallyallLlavefamilymembers,Max,Naty,Bogart,Rino,Eddie,JohnJohn,Prima,H&JD,all our deceasedfriends,relatives&enemies,MR,Dragan,FR,all the poor souls in purgatory,thatGod will make me & all my brothers&sisters & all our loved ones tobe good forever,use all our talents dailyforever,give us easy,good paying,permanentjobs forever,give us success forever,pls pray for the forgiveness of mysins,the sins of my mom,dad,brothers& sisters & all our loved ones,allsins of the peoples of the world forever,that God will replace my missing $500work voucher asap & teach very good lessonstothepersonswhostoleitASAP,thatGodwillenlighten&teachallourneighboursD,friends,relatives,enemiesto be good to me,my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones dailyforever & help us financially & spiritually daily forever,pls pray forour future place in heaven,pls pray for all our aunts & uncles,cousins,allour relatives, friends & enemies,etc,that I always lodge myincometaxearlyASAP,thatGodwillplsrecoupallmylosses&moreASAPforever,RofB,ES,LV,HR,VG,MA,BG,BP,RA,TA,TA,JA,BM,MT,DL,PH,JD.KT,EP,RL,JL,RL,RL,KT,CB,MR,RB,MM,PH,RD,MP,MQP,A,J,M,N&allthemembersoftheirfamilies&allourneighboursinCainta,Daet,Cherrybrook,CN,Antipolo,NP,C,MtDAustralia, to be good to me,my bros&sisters & allour loved ones forever & help us financially & spiritually dailyforever.Pls pray for the people prayingfor us & the people I need to prayfor daily forever.Pls pray for special intentions of all our friends & allthe peoples I need to pray daily forever,Pls pray Tibs pay all his mortgagesASAP & that he meets all his sales targets daily forever,Pls pray thateverything will be very easy for me to do daily forever,be successful ineverything daily forever,that God will give me, my brothers & sisters &all our loved ones complete justice daily forever,that God to convertASAP-SJR,MP,SS,PO,LL,WH,TT,DL & all who maltreated me at S&whereverasap,that God will giveusworldpeaceforever,that God give us worldleaders who are good servants ofpeopleASAP,thatGodwillsolveallthebushfires,floods,droughts,typhoons,tsunamis,earthquakes,allcalamities,catastropies,etc in this world forever,that God will give us justicein everything ASAP,thatGoddissolves/removesallmybodyfats&inflamations,gallstones,growthsinmygallbladderformygoodhealthASAPforever,mygoodbloodtest&urinetestresultsallultrasound&CTscansbe good,alwaysforever,thatGodAlmightyhealsfallsicknessesof ourancestors,Fara,Fe,Maridon,Boyet,Stella,Marifin,Boyet&all sick familymembers&Llovedones&worldwidesickpeoples.TibstogiveupallSasap,IsuccessfullygetallmyCentitlementsASAPforever,intentionsof RD,CM,SS,PS,CC,PC,FL,they all be good & assist me financially&spiritually forever. InJesus’name.Amen.God’s Will be done forever Thank youvery much.

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