Prayer request to reunite with husband

by Anonymous (New York)

I am requesting a prayer to restore my marriage and family. We have been married over 13 years and separated over a year. We have a child together and things are really really bad. We talked about filing for divorce and even met with a lawyer. I just can’t find it in my heart to go through with it. I feel as if this is not over.

Please help him realize that the many bad influences around him, his friends, the girl’s hes dating, especially family members have caused the separation of our family and not that we stopped loving each other. God please help us forgive our past/present hurt towards one another and Help us restore and regain respect, love, understanding for each other so we may live a happy life and raise our child together as God intended.

May you guide us towards the right path in helping ourselves and each other and reuniting our marriage and family stronger than ever before.

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