Prayer request to restore my relationship of 3 years


I have read so many testimonies about God’s manifestation in the lives of my dear friends on this site .

I am going through a tough moment in my life ” I picked up a quarrel with my boyfriend of 3 years three weeks ago, and after staying for one week without communication the Holy Ghost spoke to me during my morning bible studies on forgiveness. when I got to work I called him but to no avail in the afternoon I sent him an email to no avail again then I just kept quiet. Last week when I was praying I requested God to reveal to me the scriptures that I should read and to my surprise the scriptures were about forgiveness again. After finishing reading I prayed to God that “why are you only talking to me about forgiveness and not talking to my boyfriend about the same, I have tried my best to do what you told me but he is not responding so what do you want me to do Lord?

Now we are into third week without linking up. I have been confronting him about this behaviour of getting angry for more than a month and he has always promising me that he would stop but to no avail.

I want God of Battles to fight for me this battle and sooner or later I want to see myself posting a testimony on your site. I am tired of reading my friends testimonies, i want them to read mine.