Prayer request to get my spouse back

by Lovely (Canada)

Oh! Most holy apostle Saint Jude I thank thee for your everyday guidance and for enlightening my mind and spirit. Without you, I could have committed sin again. In my thoughts, my words and actions that is not pleasing to other people especially to You, please forgive me.

I am calling You to help me that my spouse and her family will grant their forgiveness to me for hurting my spouse. Please knock on their hearts especially to my spouse to bring back her love to me and give me another chance to be with her for the last time and I will promise to live with her with all honesty and full of love.

If my spouse is with another woman, please touch her heart to bring my spouse back to me. I regret every wrong doings that I did to You and to my love ones, please forgive me. I am praying desperate for your mercy and miracle! I miss my spouse very much! Take away anger in her heart but bring back her love for me instead. Hear my prayer, Oh! Most holy apostle Saint Jude Have mercy on me…

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