Prayer request to find employment

O Lord, I am seeking a job to find as much possible to overcome my deep financial trouble. I have lost my previous employment due to some kind of pressure from manager & co worker to chase me out. So that they forced me to take decision as asked me ,what you decided & they didn’t confirm my employment as you didn’t perform well.

My God “they approached me to rejoin under permanent payroll as we needed your talents”
But end of the day they have cheated my career!!

My Lord, please forgive my known & unknown sins! And I am seeking you for your divine help for a peaceful career and protect me from failure and give me successful job soon with your holy spirit!

Oh my God, wipe out tears and give me stength and courage in my daily life & please give me your guidance to find a job in minitues earliest.
Thank you lord by your child with your protection!

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