Prayer request to cure my infertility problem and give me another chance to bear twins with my husband. I desperately want to have a family of my own lord.

by Rita (Uganda)

My heavenly father I thank you for everything. I have been requesting and I am still humbly requesting you to allow me become a mother of 2 more children (twins) again with my lovely husband. I am in need of a pregnancy but my ideas are exhausted. I pray that right now you are working a miracle in my body, on my womb and ovaries so that I may receive the good news very soon. Please lord cure whatever infertility lies within me and give me another chance. I desperately want to have a family. Father lord I am counting on you and I know you will not forget me. I pray for all those women in my situation. It is a very painful situation. Please help us all to be happy mothers father. Amen.

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