Prayer Request to be Prosper.

by RGD Ellis (Indonesia)

Please pray in Jesus name that we will be prosper miraculously. Our debts paid. Our business prosper, our family also prosper.

We have been struggling for more then 7 years with financial crisis, and the evil doers and wicked people stole our assets, and took our lands (thousands of hectares).

Pray that we will start our new project that may be the beginning to heal our financial crisis.
Pray for miracle happen and manifested soon just like as God used Moses to help the Israelites to cross the red sea.
We are not praying about the money, but we pray that the money follows us and our business succeed and prosper.
Pray that our eyes fixed on Jesus, and that we rules the money and wealth, not money/wealth rules us.

I submit this prayer only in Jesus name. I pray that His Blood cover me and my family and also the prayers.


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