Prayer request: Let me and my love be together this year.

by Jane (Philippines)

Lord our heavenly Father, You know better than us and we surrender everything to Your will. I humbly pray to You oh Lord to please let me and Wade be together this year. I greatly need your help to please let my US visa be approved so I can fly to Illinois and be with Wade.

We’ve been together for almost 3 years now and I ask for your guidance in our relationship. Let our love remain strong as we face the challenges of being away from each other. Forgive us if we are impatient at times and tired of this distance between us.
You know my heart Lord, I love this man and I care for him deeply. I want to be there for him so we can start our lives together, raise a family like what we’ve always been dreaming of, as well as grow and serve You together. He means the whole world to me and I am very grateful to You ever since the day You let our paths crossed.

Please let us spend the rest of our lives together.
Please Lord, oh please… help us be together this year. Help me be granted a US Visa so I can be with my one true love this year. I lift this to You Oh Lord, in the name of your beloved son, Jesus Christ. Amen

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