Prayer request from the Virgin Mary.

by Gabriel ()

So we ALL come together in the true Jesus Christs name, and where 2 or more gather in the true Jesus Christs name, the true Jesus Christ is there, so we ask YOU true Jesus Christ since you are here with us that you pray the proper prayers that NEED to be prayed to the true Heavenly Father that will have Him by His DIVINE hands immediately and PERSONALLY do the chastizing of his sons and daughters globally on a person by person basis that NEED BE DONE. For what good is a TRUE FATHER if he sends OTHERS to punish his children for sins they commit, for if the father of a child does not HE HIMSELF PUNISH the child for things the child does that are wrong, then it was a wasted punishment with NO LEARNING comming of it. Fathers punish your children YOURSELFS dont expect or FORCE others to punish your children for you, if You do force others to punish your children for you, then you are a DEAD BEAT DADDY. WORTHLESS. Thank You true Holy Trinity. Amen. This prayer the Virgin Mary dictated to I true Gabriel G. to put online and to pray. She said that her husband GOD has realized by he himself putting the burdens on other men to straighten out his shepherds, it cant be done and those shepherds wont listen, so HE MUST NOW STEP IN AND DO THE JOB PERSONALLY! He repents for having put the burden on any man to straighten out any of his SHEPHERDS for to be a true Father it is HIS DUTY TO DO THE CHASTISEMENTS HIMSELF!!

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