Prayer Request for Visa Approval & Good Career

by Joshi (Chennai)

Dear Lord,

I request you to apply my visa to UAE, as it is rejected for unknown reason. Please shower blessings on me and do miracles in my life. As you know the trust I have on you and I want you to bless me with good thoughts and deeds. Please help me not to do sin in my life and live with your blessings. Please forgive all my sins if I have done knowingly or unknowingly to any one.

Oh Lord, please help me and bless me to get a new job and earn money and to serve lot of people who are in need. I should make my mom and dad proud of having me as a son. I understand all the efforts of my mom and dad to educate me at all tough times. I have to help my relatives and cousin brothers who are in need. So kindly shower blessings on me for everything in my life.

As you know all the hardship that happens for me. Please Christ, save me! Make the heaven in earth Christ. Oh Lord. Thank you very much for everything you have given to me. Amen.