Prayer request for relief of anxiety and stress

by Stephanie (Bc Canada)

Please Heavenly Father help me through my troubled times and help ease and remove the constant anxiety and pain I feel all over my body. Please take it away so I can live the life you have to me in peace and happiness as you intended. Please heal my broken heart and bring me an end to this loneliness I feel daily.

Please stop the physical symptoms of my anxiety and pain and help me to feel comfort and ease in my daily life. Please also help my children be happy and content. Please hear my prayer dear God and please Jesus be in my heart and full me with joy and comfort for the rest of my days.

Give me confidence and peace of mind and make my life a blissful and comfortable place to live in so that I can enjoy what you have provided for us. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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  1. take my anxiety away please

    Omg….i just dont know what to do anymore with my anxiety….im so scared…ive been dealing with this anxiety for eleven years…but this years it came back even stronger….im always hurting everywhere…i can’t eat all I wanna do is sleep…if I go to work I get my anxiety at work…what do I do?I’m constantly crying…ive lost fifteen pounds in about a week and a half…any suggestions? Please help me lord…..

  2. Peace will come

    I underatand your anxiety and I have many times prayed to the Lord for relief and it never fails. unfortunately I wind my self up not much longer. But dont give up, ask as many times as you need. I will keep you In my prayers. 🙂

  3. Praying for you!

    I read your prayer and I wish to reach out to you. Please be strong! I can relate to you! I have terrible anxiety after cancer and now fibermyalgia. Something so many do not understand. It is hard to go on when you feel tired of fighting. Be strong! You are already deciding to beat this by asking for prayers! I pray that Jesus heals you and brings peace to your life! You are loved and know its worth fighting for! I wish you wonderful health and happiness. My mother suggested praying the rosary to me for anxiety and it has worked wonders for my sister and I am now trying this, if you do not already I would suggest trying this. Good luck and god hear your prayers!

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