Prayer Request For New Job Opportunity!

by Shaun ()

I pray to the lord that he can guide me to a happy state. I pray that with this new job opportunity that came about will go through. I haven’t felt this urge of hope in a very long time. I am solely the main financial provider for my family and indirect distant family and I run a restaurant to get by and I am absolutely miserable but must sacrifice my happiness to get buy to take care of everybody. With all these sacrifices and responsibility’s I am losing my true self and fear I will never be the same again. My marriage is failing because of the constant stress I have because of my job and I am forgetting who I am and nobody cares or sees what this is doing to me. I pray to the lord he will liberate me from my unhappiness and allow me to follow the correct path to what is suppose to happen. I wish to pray for financial stability and success and a new workplace that is positive and has a meaning. I am grateful lord for the money I make now but it is not for me. I do not feel the courage to make a change and need your help, I am so scared! I will lose everything if I keep at my pace now and stay where I am at. I know the outcome but nobody will listen or help and I have no control. How do I take care of everyone without taking care of myself? How do I keep going managing people when I can’t manage myself? How am I helping people when I cant help myself? I have done this same job for five years and have excelled at it but the only ones who benefit are everyone around me and I am doing all the work and sacrifices while destroying myself indefinitely. I ask of you lord to let me feel that feeling, to let me feel and accept that hope, to allow me to be happy. I haven’t felt this in a long time and have such a great feeling about it but don’t want to be let down. The cats out of the box and my bosses know now that I am leaving because of people I thought I can trust let me down for their selfish needs, People I helped and trained. If this opportunity doesn’t go through, I am afraid I will be homeless and with nothing. I will lose my marriage, home and animals. Everything I have worked so very hard for will be for nothing. I wish to pray to leave this in your hands lord, I just cant go on anymore and need help. I am so sorry for not practicing my faith like I once use to. I am so distracted with all this and forget myself, roots and morals. Its time for me to let go and move on, I am so lost and have no control its such a horrifying feeling. Please lord take this away and guide me to the right path. This is beyond my control, I need a miracle lord! Amen.

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