prayer request for myself & others

by Maria (Sydney, Australia)

Please pray I successfully pay my Phil house&land tax,successful get my SSSpension asap,that I win 1st prize lottery,lotto,powerball,anything whatever asap,that God will make me more beautiful & thin forever as a living radiant example of His love for us daily forever,that God will forever give me & my family&loved ones unlimited abundance daily forever,that God will supersize our dreams forever,that God will enlighten me to go back to the workforce & stop me from being depressed & see people ASAP,that God will give me heaps of good paying modelling jobs ASAP,that God help me & my family & all our loved ones in everything daily forever,that God return RND to Syd ASAP & stay to be my husbandforever,that God will forever remove BD from RNDs life ASAPforever,that God will forever cure me & my family & all our loved ones,SJR,RND,Joy Dann,Russells brother& all the sick peoples of the world,of all sicknesses,diseases,illnesses forever,be forever cured of high blood,polycystic kidneys & liver,gallstones,heart,breast,knees,armpits,backache, shoulder aches,,pancreas,coughs,colds,sugar,eyes,throat,tongue,head,our whole body healing forever,,be cancer-free of everything forever,depression-free,diabetes-free,cirrhosis-free,bowel cancer-free,macular degeneration-free,gout/anthritis-free etc…forever,that my colonoscopy/haemorrhoid will be complication free & cancer-free forever,that God will make me & Fe very inspired,strong,focused,enduring in applying for very easy,good paying lawful,permanent jobs daily forever& be very successful,in getting very easy,good paying permanent job ASAP,with extensive networking connections asap forever,depression-free daily forever,that God will enlighten RND to love,respect&marry me ASAP,be good to me forever & help me & my family forever,that God will remove the wicked PW from Tib ASAP, that God will give Fe & me very easy, good paying,permanent jobs asap,that God will give Fe & me very good husbands ASAP who will love us forever, take good care of us forever & help us & all our families financially & spiritually asap forever,that God will forever make me,family&loved ones debt-free forever,that God will make me & Fe overcome all laziness,inactivity,keeping from the outside world daily forever,that God will give me RND for a good husband ASAP & be with me in Syd ASAP & forever & all his problems resolved ASAP forever,that God will give the finest facial pores ASAPforever,that God will increase & increase my super always,that God will give me numerous modelling assignments againASAP,that God will give me numerous/countless successful appointments daily forever, that God will give us our inheritances,Meralco claim,SSS claims asap,that God will enlighten all our neighbours,friends,relatives,enemies,all the people we meet daily,all the peoples of the world especially all the employees of B,PH,MG(to give me the lawful pay ASAP)&all employees of B,E,LD,Steve,NM,RSofE,all D directors,consultants & all their staff,all my future employers & all their staff to be good to me,my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones forever & help us all financially & spiritually daily forever& give us vey easy,good paying,lawful,permanent jobs ASAP,that God will forever save & protect me,all my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones from all the evil & wicked peoples of the world especially HG,MarilouB,Suzette F,BettyD,JPM,MCB,SF,PO,RS,MP,TT,JA,SS,LD,N of E,B,PH,K,L,A,all the wicked & evil employees of B,E,D,PE,T,S,OEMD,B,AMWUU,M,T,S,C,G,Y,TPG,all the wicked & evil past,present & future employers daily forever,that God will give me a new property without moulds asap,please pray for the special intentions of myself & all the members of my family & all our loved ones,SJR,DBL,MQP,SE,AI,AK,DrC,DrDM,JJE,ML,ML,KL,SM,KG,DL,MT,BM&PC,SE,JE,SE,KG,,MG,RD,PH,SH,MPE,QG,FQ,DQ,LS,JD,R of E,KT,MT, & all the members of their families,pls pray for the conversion of sinners,all our neighbours,frriends,relatives&enemies who have died especially all Llave family members,Max,Naty,Bogart,Rino,Eddie,John John,Prima,Henry Dann,all the poor souls in purgatory,that God will make me & all my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones to be good forever,use all our talents forever,give us easy,good paying,permanent jobs forever,give us success forever,pls pray for the forgiveness of my sins,the sins of my mom,dad,brothers & sisters & all our loved ones,all sins of the peoples of the world forever,that God will replace my missing $500 work voucher asap & teach very good lessons to the persons who stole it ASAP,that God will enlighten & teach all our neighbours,friends,relatives,enemies to be good to me,my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones daily forever & help us financially & spiritually daily forever,pls pray for our future place in heaven,pls pray for all our aunts & uncles,cousins,all our relatives, friends,relatives & enemies,etc.,that God will pls recoup all my losses & more ASAP,HR,VG,MA,BG,BP,RA,TA,TA,JA,BM,MT,DL,PH,JD.KT,EP,RL,JL,RL,RL,KT,CB,MR,RB,MM,PH,RD,MP,MQP& all the members of their families&all our neighbours in Cainta,Daet CN,Antipolo,NP,C,Australia, to be good to me,my bros&sisters & all our loved ones forever & help us financially & spiritually daily forever.Pls pray for the people praying for us & the people I need to pray for daily forever.Pls pray for special intentions of all our friends & all the peoples I need to pray daily forever,Pls pray Tibs pay all his mortgages ASAP & that he meets his sales targets daily forever,Pls pray that everything will be very easy for me to do daily forever,be successful in everything daily forever,that God will give me, my brothers & sisters & all our loved ones complete justice daily forever,that God will remove from S the following PO,MP,TT,JA & SS asap,that God will give us world peace forever,that God will solve all the bush fires,floods,droughts,typhoons,tsunamis,earthquakes,all calamities,catastropies,etc in this world forever,that God will give us justice in everything ASAP,God’s Will be done forever Thanks

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