Prayer request for my Mummy Anna Maria and my brother Charles

by Maggie (Goa, India)

This is Maggie from Goa, India. Please pray for my Mummy Anna Maria, currently bedridden with a paralytic stroke since June 02, 2016. Pray that she may recover from this illness miraculously as she is lady of prayer, she prayed every single day: first reading, second reading, gospel reading and the personal Rosary and the Family Rosary. She was hale and hearty and all of a sudden on June 02, 2016 she had a fall. Presently she is at one of my brother’s house whose name is Nelson. Now since October 09, 2016 I and my husband has not seen Mummy as we are not allowed by my brother Nelson. The reason being that we splashed Holy Water on Mummy blessed by a consecrated Priest and she responded so well that she was recovering and recognizing everyone. Now all her children are not allowed to visit Mummy. Kindly do Pray that Mummy recovers and comes home. She is blessed by God and her age is 89 years and has strong will power.

Also please pray for my brother Charles who is on dialyses three times a week. Pray that he may have good health.

Thank you in anticipation for your prayers.


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