Prayer request for lord’s blessings to have a baby

by Neena (Sharjah-UAE)

Lord Jesus, I’m praying and praying in front of my lord Jesus to be blessed to have an wonderful healthy baby of our own in this year 2013. In my lord’s name i have purchased and kept one baby girl frock at my home, believing that GOD has blessed me! Oh, my lord my womb is waiting and waiting for your kind touch, please lord hear my sorrows, we don’t have a child and without that how can we make our generation, O lord, be kind on us, you are the one who knows everything, i have taken my lord you as my savior, do not delay my lord to bless me…to bless me. 14years are passed trying with many many treatments all without success, i have heard that LORD JESUS brings miracles to the live of people, hence, please lord………. please lord….. please bless me very very soon……….. i keep this prayer to the lotus feet of my lord with all trust. Amen.

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