prayer request for immflamation, sever almost unbareable to sleep at night back pain

by Krystle (Marion,Ky)

Please Dear Heavenly Father,

You see me all day long and all night long , you’ve known me before I was ever born, so I am positive that you truly see the pain I’ve been in for several years, and still no dr have given me a total diagnosis as to my back,spine,neck,ribcage, and why I have also suffered from sleep paralysis, my whole body’s feels like it’s symptoms are getting worse. Been to several dr already. Had test after test done, with still no real releife, and my diagnosis of lupus undetermined still.. My pain is only getting worse, most days I have to force myself to get out of bed in the mornin. I find it very difficult to even play with my beautiful children, please Lord Jesus heal my mind, body aches ,backaches, immflamation, and anything in my whole body that shouldn’t cause me to be sick and hurtting. Help me get back to where i used to be able to play with my kids and be more patience with them, and make us a better family. IN JESUS’S sweet name I pray Amen.

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