prayer request for immediate healing

by Ariel (Oulu, Finland)

Dear friends in Christ. I have been ministering as an evangelist here in Finland. Could you pray a healing for my wife Ester so that the Lord removes an excruciating painful growth called an endometriosis she has suffered from in her ovaries and womb for 2 years.

Because of this terrible pain my wife asked a gynecologist to order her to an operation. She said it would be too big and highly dangerous operation to remove her ovaries and womb by a surgeon because she has a type 1 diabetes. Because of a weak blood circulation of the diabetes wounds of an operation don’t easily be cured. Ester has during the time been a believer several times experienced a supernatural healing from incurable diseases. She suffers also from serious and tickling rashes everywhere in her body.

In addition could you pray a health for her kidneys and liver so that they would be healthy and would function properly. I myself have suffered from an irritating and tickling cough for 2 months. Could you pray a health for my respiratory organs and lungs so that they will be healed in Jesus name.

In addition I suffer from a sharp pain in my right elbow.
With love and blessings in Christ Ariel

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greetings .All I can do is crying .Pray that the Lord would touch Thangjahao right now and heal his mental disorder to avoid problems of quarreling with friends and family members .This boy has a mental problem which can cause serious problems among the community.Pray God would heal him right now.I have no option but to approach you and the prayer team to pray for him sincerely.
    Yours in Christ,
    Prince Haokip

  2. Shalitha says:
    Pray for me,i need help now !

    Please,i’m begging,i’m in a need of Big Help. .please pray for me.Help me. .please i’m begging help me,pray for me.i need your help now. please . . .

  3. Travis James says:
    Finding love

    I ask for a request to find love. To not live in this world alone. I ask to find my soulmate.
    Someone that I can build !a great future with. Please help!!

  4. Anonymous says:
    prayer for my relationship

    Am humbly praying for peace in my relationship with my boyfriend

  5. Anonymous says:
    prayer for my relationship

    Am humbly praying for peace in my relationship with my boyfriend

  6. Brittany says:
    Healing request

    Please pray the Lord will heal my unknown heart condition. Im suffering daily with many terrible symptoms. I pray for the Lords hand in my health, to comfort me and heal me during this time. I will see a doctor in a little over a week, but most days for now feels like im waiting for a storm to come. Please pray for my heart to heal physically and my health.

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