Prayer request for healing

by Marie (Illinois & Mexico)

My 27 year-old daughter (Karin) found a lump in her breast. She was told that this is might be cancer because of how quickly it grew and also because I have had breast cancer. Tomorrow (Monday), she will be having surgery to remove the lump and also so that the tissue can be biopsied. She is typically so strong, but this has thrown her, as well as me.

Also, my doctor discovered that I (Marie) have lymph nodes that are enlarged down both sides of my neck and into my chest. My right ear is buzzing and I feel pressure on that side of my head and neck, making it almost difficult to swallow at times. I was told that this often connects to cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy 13 years ago for 4 different types of breast cancer. I now have to get a CT scan next week to see if this could be cancer or whether biopsies are needed. The doctor is concerned because I have had cancer previously.

Would you please add both of us to your prayers? I am praying for the best possible outcome for both of us. Thank you!

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