Prayer request for getting a Job

by Paul (UK)

I am very much in need of a job to put back my life in order and been trying so hard, I keep knocking on and on but now want all your kind support to make it happen, Dear Lord please grant this humble request to get a Job where I can get back my life in order, My time is running out and I actually am tired , please help me in this days, AMEN

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  2. Lord walk with me in this time

    This prayer is how I truly feel. I have been overseen for jobs I know I am capable of doing if given the chance. My faith has been tested my courage has been low along with my esteem. So I pray to the lord Jesus to walk me guide me give knowledge the atrenght the wisdom to get through another interview and may I be given the opportunity to get a job. In Jesus name amen.

  3. Prayer request for job.

    Lord Jesus christ Please hear my prayer, I am jobless. I am trying to get good job but no success, help me jesus.

  4. Good Job.

    Lord Jesus Bless me and my family. Jesus i am helpless to get good job. I was applied so many vacancies but no reply.Lord Jesus grant me one good job as soon as possible. Amen

  5. Job/Relationship

    Lord please help me to get hire on at the work I am at and lord please bless my relationship, we need you in our life,

  6. Prayer request for a new job

    Dear Heavenly father, I thank you today because of the live you entrusted in me.

    lord I have a special request to you, I need a good paying job, I have attended interviews been recommended but the devil keep stealing what belong to me.

    I need a miraculas promotion.

    Thank you father in Jesus Name amen.

    lots and lots of love

  7. Please help me to get job very soon

    Please help me to get a job very soon these times are so stress full please lord god ,st Jude,st Anthony,St Theresa the little flower and all other saints in heaven please help there be a job out there for me and for me to find it very soon I’m loosing my mind please give me the strength i need in these hard times to stay strong.

  8. Prayer request for job

    Dear God please help me to get a job. You always helped me in my each and every way. I need you to go through it. Please give me a chance to get a job. Please help me God.

  9. prayer for job

    Dear lord I need u to do lead me,control me in each and every situation oh lord take place, I’m here now in need of a job I’ve been trying so hard to find a job nothing seem to be going my way, I see I’m nothing without you God and I blv with you everything is possible..

  10. Prayers to get a job

    Lord,please give me a Job.i have been praying for the last one year and
    i know that you have already heard and answered my prayers

  11. prayer

    Please lord help me for I am jobless for almost five years but I still put my trust and hope in you…..please my dear lord help me

  12. get back to old office where i resigned

    I resigned from old company. But I want to join there again. With your prayers, mother mary matha speak to my MD in old office asking to come back again

    I am very depressed in my new job So I want to go out. they want to sign for 3 years bond for Rs.3,00,000 which i have not told before

    I send prayer request that my old company higher official should call me and say you cant go out you have to come back.

    If this miracle happens i will be most happiest person and would proud that God answered my prayer

    Though I got other job iam not happy here. I dont like to continue here. Please I need your divine prayers to come out from this trouble and experience miracle of going back to old office leaving new office

    Please pray for me

  13. desperately in need of a job

    hi, my name is brian from south africa, am a 25 years old black guy who recently started to go to church, for the first time in my life i have a church, and i wonder how my life would have been like had i been going to church from an early age, but am glad that am now in church and the presence of the Lord, i failed grade11 two times and then i decided to drop out and go to a local college, i then droped out again on my second year, after a long while i got a job at a hotel, where i worked for only 3 months and then quit the job to go to johannesburg to look for a job because there are plenty of opportunities in joburg, now i feel if i can get a job i will be able to put my life back together cause i am planning to go back to school

  14. to get job

    Please pray for my brothet tharun to get a job as they are in a bad finacial situation. Help him lord

  15. Dear Jesus help me

    Please help me dear Jesus , I am at end of the road …….its beginning to frustrate me ……Its seems all of work , experience and qualifications are of nil value .
    Nothing works out in the interview or I am never cld bck ……..Please help me , I am losing my self confidence and ability to think straight .
    I know u not a punishing god , but a loving one …but if I have done any wrong ..I ask for ur forgiveness ..
    Please guide me through this darkness ….I am breaking and only u can heal me …

  16. get a better job

    please pray for to get a job as a teller at nedbank because currently im not working well and I haven’t been paid for this month. I need this job to further my studies and mostly help my mom because she is stressed and I feel helpless every time I think about her I want to cry . please LORD I NEED THIS JOB PLEASE.

  17. My father needs prayer

    I ask if you can please pray for my father to find a new job. At his current job that hes working at hes losing his job that hes been working with that company for 15 years. I beg and pray that ur prayers work and that god listens to this calling of help. Thank you everyone for ur time and prayers.🙏🏼❤️

  18. Prayer for seekng job

    Please pray for me that the company that I applied for will call me for final interview and I can pass. I want a job right now!!..
    Lord please hear me and grant my request in the name of christ our god.

  19. Prayer for Job

    Please man of God pray for me to get payable job because since I completed university I haven’t any job inspite of writing many application my life now is so hard I have nithing. Please God remember me!

  20. Prayer request for a job

    Lord god may you touch the heart of those who interviewed jomar that they will hire him,we really need your help oh lord god ,may you give jomar strength for him to be able to surpass all the problems. I claim in jesus name that he will get a job, thank you lord jesus christ for all the things you have done for us Amen

  21. Prayer for job

    Currently i still have a job but I dont like to continue here. Recently i had a call from gas company but they cancelled my interview. I was just refered by my friend and said my application has been transferred to agency. He said just wait until the agency call me. It has been 4 months since i was called and i dont hear anything regarding with the statis of my application. I do really need this job as this will give a lot of opportunties to help my family and relative financially as well woul give some better lifestyle. If not this job even another one which is better than my current job as i really do not want here and i am feeling tired as thos is very far from my place. Up this moment i am still hoping that God will grant my prayer and your divine prayers for my request…please pray for me and to my request..thank you in jesus name..amen

  22. searching for job

    Kindly pray for my son Stephen Dias, that God may grant him a good job. He is totally getting frustrated in life.

    Thanks and Regards
    Elsy Dias

  23. Wish you my love and greetings to all of you

    Jai Guru,

    I covey my heartiest greeting and gratitude to you. Pleas pray for my overall prosperity and may your love and blessing express through me. Need your intense prayer to fulfill all material and spiritual duties. Thanks from Ashis

  24. prayers that I will please get hired quickly at the hospital that I went on the interview for the other day

    I ask for prayer that I will please get hired quickly at the hospital that I went on the interview for the other day I am currently in a homeless shelter and I am desperate need of this job I ask that the Lord will please bless me with it so I can get my life together thank you

  25. Please Pray

    I recently got fired from my job because I pointed out unethical things that were going on. I didn’t do it to be mean and I reported the incident as quietly as possible, but the person who I reported recently got promoted and I got fired the same week. I want to trust others again and I was doing my job well. I love helping others. I had an interview earlier this week and I am praying hard that it is Gods will that I get this job. The hours would allow me to spend more time with my two children. I am the largest breadwinner in my household and I also pay a lot of my mothers bills since she is receiving disability please pray I find my path to employment that is Gods will and allows me to financial support my family.

  26. Looking for a job from 6 months

    i am currently looking for a job from 6 months. I have gone for an interview but no positive outcome. I am in UAE if I don’t get a job I need to go back.please pray for me.

  27. Prayer Request for finding a job

    I have been unemployed for a month and only had one interview. I found out today I didn’t get that job. I was $350 short on my rent for October (made up for it by postdating $100 and using my bank overdraft for $250)… but only will make $500 this month doing short term contract work. I wish for prayer for positive outcome as I don’t have anyplace to go if I can’t pay my rent. It is unfortunate that I am still alive and would ask to be released from this life.

  28. Prayer for acceptance of a request for rehire

    Please pray that Koch foods of Montgomery Alabama accept my request for rehire I’m a single mother of seven girls and in need of a affordable nice home to live in

  29. Job for Daison

    Dear St. Anthony, please help to get a nice job for Daison in Government company where there is a vacancy at present.

  30. job

    iam searching a job from 2010 i have not yet got any job i need a job very badly if i get a job i will be thankful to you
    my new year wish is only to get a job

  31. I need that job

    I tried a lot for a teaching job in colleges during the past year . I didn’t get teaching job in colleges but I applied for a job in a Software Company. I appeared for the first round and awaiting for the result this week. I think this will be the job that Jesus would like to give me. I was so depressed for not getting a teaching job and now I found the correct path of my life. Remember me in your prayers.

    I will be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ..!!

  32. Huge prayer

    My son has been out of work.. off an on.. for 5 yrs. Due to personal struggles. Went on an interview today.. would workout to get the his job. So I pray to the Lord Jesus Christmas to allow my son to be hired so he can renew his life… starating from that moment. AMEN!

  33. Looking for job

    Dear Lord,

    I am Trying to get a job since long time .

    i had many interview still nothing happening.

    lord Bless me to get a good job im very dipressed .

    Please help me my kind request Jesus.


  34. Prayers for job and finaces

    Pleas pray that my job process speeds up and my irs papers gets bless and received correctly also pray for my mom that she finds a nice affordable home for her please and thanks

  35. Please let me get this job

    Please lord grant me the job in which I seek. Let me use the gifts you have given me . I implore you of lord to grant my prayer ! Amen

  36. Prayer request for a job

    Dear lord please listen to my humble request for a job with good remunerations peace n happiness. I have been trying hard to get a job but failed. I need to feed my family as i am the sole bread winner. Thank you lord jesus. Amen

  37. praying for a job

    in the name of jesus I pray so many time for job nd sickness nd suffered my family even now I pray I pray please god open gate in my life I fired darkness I get a job now nry life change help me lord it many years. I suffered. open job open money in my life in the name of jesus everything happen write now I see a call from different company amen all jesus. name

  38. new things most happen to me ijn

    this is an opportunity for me, i believed so much that almighty God we do a new things in my life this year 2016 i will have a testimony to share in this plate form, i have been looking for a good job. no job yet i know this cant be permanent very soon i shall laugh best in my life in Jesus name, many people have been promising me, no feedback yet i pray as from this moment people who wish to help me to arched my dream who remember from now in Jesus name oh lord come and remember me for good thank you for answering my prayer in Jesus name i pray amen ……

  39. pray to Jesus for government job

    I’m searching government job for a last one year because of some reason I didn’t get the job. I’m keep on searching.. This job is must to secured for my wife and child.. So please pray to Jesus for my job.. If I get the job surely I’m a testimoner for my Jesus.. Pray for me..

  40. prayer for a new job

    A co-worker has lied about me, spread rumors and gossip, and has caused me to lose favor and also has damaged my reputation. Please pray that I can find a new job and get away from this individual and placed into a better environment. This person is extremely jealous of me and she is vicious and hateful. I have been going through this for 2 years and I’m tired. I am ready to move on, so please pray that God will give me a new job, somewhere. I’ll relocate, go wherever God would have me to go… please pray that God will give me strength to pack my things and take care of all the little details like selling my home and buying a new one. Thank you, God Bless.

  41. Prayer request for a job

    I humbly request you to please pray for me to get a job. I have been out of job for 3 months now. My wife is pregnant also. I need a job badly. Please help me with your prayers.

  42. prayer for job

    AM asking for prayer today cause am going on an interview this morning to get a job. pray I have favour and get the job

  43. Requesting for a job

    It’s been a week that my company told that they want to reduce people. So help me God and bless me with a good job. Praise you Jesus and you are the only hope.

  44. Pray for me please

    Lord Jesus, I have been searching for a job for two years to no avail. I have had two temp jobs that held me down for a couple of months but I need stability and insurance. I pray each day. I am so depressed and feeling inadequate even though I know I am not. The recruiters call you and hype you up, then they never call you again. Please Lord help me. I know you have your timing but I’m growing tired and losing hope.

  45. Prayer for Job

    Dear God,

    Please help me find job. My notice period is over. I have applied for many job vacancy but have not received any call. Help me to find a good job. I was removed from my job as the Co was cost cutting. Help me Lord to find a job, I ask this through your son Jesus Christ Amen.

  46. Prayer request for Job

    Dear Lord,

    Please help me to get a job. I have been attending interviews bug have been rejected. I need a job to put back my life in order. All my family member are upset because of me. Lord please help me to get a job. Please give me wisdom courage n strength to attend the interview. You have taken care of me all the time for which I am very thankful. Lord help me get a job to put my life back in order n praise your glory for ever. I ask this through your son Jesus Christ Amen.

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