Prayer request for Family problems

by BJ (Ohio)

Please pray for Samantha there are a lot people in her life that is putting pressure of her & making her feel guilty about her kids & its mostly her kids fathers doing this & saying she is a bad mother & its her step sister who is trying to get her to come in another town & bring her kids & this step-sister lives with Samantha Dad which has told Samantha many times he dose not wants nothing to do with her or her kids— Samantha like to cause trouble this way she get attention from her dads family & then acts like her moms family isn’t a part of her life–she want to use us against each other in order to get pitty–or drama–or use her kids to get people to like her–its not fair or right .

Pray God will stop all of this mess & stop others from forcing Samantha to come to their home ??
Its stressing us out & her kids?
We need everybody to pray for us??
God Bless you BJ

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