Prayer Request for a broken marriage due to deployments and affairs..

by Lauren (Fayetteville, NC)

Dear Lord, I am seeking for your guidance in this tough time we are going through. I ask that you help to me to forgive and begin the healing process from the affair that my husband had, I ask help my husband to fight his insecurities and to become the faithful husband and father you intended him to be.

I ask that you guide him to those who believe in you father. I ask that you please restore our marriage and rekindle the love my husband and I once shared. I ask Lord that you fulfill my heart with love and take the anger and hate that I have towards him and other women he has committed the actions with. Lord, may you also bless the women who my husband have been involved with as they need you more than ever as well.

Also, Lord please forgive my husband for his sins, and help him to build a stronger armor against the enemies, and bring him back home a man who lives for you Lord. Lastly, I ask that you rid our marriage of the curses we carry and have brought upon ourselves.

In Jesus Name, Thank You Jesus

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