Prayer Request Examinations Protection Families

by Gerlyn ()

Lord God Almighty the creator of heaven and earth, mother of St. Therese mother of St. Claire and St. Joseph Cupertino ❤ I am expressing my “FAITH” in your Higher Power to hear me to answer me 😭 despite of many disappointments,  trials, failures, I wanna say thank you for all the miraculously saved me in everything,  for all the good people that surrounds me for all the bad,  sinful, sorrowful, from the malicious enemy YOU defend me – lessons was learned and you enlighten me more through your forgiveness through your words through your action through your will through your holiness. I pray that you always comfort me in my sufferings, you all know what my deepest heart means – to make my parents happy to make them proud to make my parents paid off for all the love, sacrifices and support they have done to us with my siblings. I am humbly asking to hear me to answer me give us enough your will and let it be done. I will take my Nursing Licensure Examination on November 16 – 17,  2019. My second youngest brother will also take his Criminology Licensure Examination on November  29,  30, December 1,  2019. My third youngest brother who studying his Korean Language and taking his Examination Application. Be with us and make us your will in the Highest Power of your grace and Holiness Bless us and make things possible. Lend skill to the hands of our healers, and Bless the means used for our cure. Heal and cure the sufferings of my father sickness he was recently diagnose of Diabetes Mellitus with accompanied of increase Uric Acid and Left and Right Kidney Cyts and🙏
my mother feelings right now (tired, stressed, pain etc.) Bless there health and continue their goodness as parents to their children and grandchildren❤😭 keep my family safe and keep healthy always my papa my mama my kuya my ate me my 3 youngest brothers my nephew my niece my live in partner my loving son : cure our sufferings keep them away from any danger, keep them away from any bad people intentions that surrounds in our family, keep them away from any temptations from the evil and curse. Stay and keep my family strong and healthy to face all the challenges all the sufferings.. Keep in us always the Love,  Peace, humility, and Happiness and always have You in everything we do You always have You in our mind,  hearts, act, and spirit  so that we can share your goodness your will to others.
I also pray for all the less fortunate for their sufferings be with them guide them to give them also strength and energy to face all their challenges. This is all I asked all Honor and Praise to Your Name & I LOVE YOU, in the name of Jesus Christ the power and grace of Almighty. Amen! ❤😭🙏🌹🤗

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