Prayer request and petitions for family and others

by Tanya ()

Lord Jesus I offer and surrender my family of Dada,myself, Elius,Ethan, Evan to you, please make my family your family, please keep each of us safe and in good health of mind, body and spirit, heal the broken hearted , give hope and comfort to the discouraged , may Lord Jesus be always at the heart of my and Elius married life and family life, a chord of 3 strands is not easily broken,not our will only your will be done in our lives, we surrender everything to your will, you take care of everything.Lord Jesus please cover me, Elius, Ethan and Evan in your precious blood, please heal us, save us from the unforeseen , deliver us and set us free from all bondages.For the sake of Jesus sorrowful passion, Abba Father have mercy on Elius, his health, his conversion, his debts, his need for a permanent well paying job, visa granted and paid by the company itself,for him, his comfortable hygienic accommodation, his Financial difficulties, his loneliness, his temptations, his decisions, his actions, his pain, his sorrow, his sickness , his sufferings, his sadness, his trials and tribulations, his health, his deliverance,well being and the whole world. Jesus son of David everliving God, have mercy , pity and compassion on Elius a miserable sinner, please forgive him, please help him, pls save him pls guide him, please protect him, please heal him, please rescue him, please anoint him, please enlighten him , please comfort him, please bless him, please come to his aid,please give Elius the grace of making amends for his sinfulness, the grace to repay all his loans and debts, he is unable to take the stress of jobs which take a toll on his mental and physical health, please bless him with a good desk job as per his profile, please give Elius the grace of stability in life, steady income, financial security, please give him the grace to provide for himself and our family,his desperate need and ongoing search for a good steady job,police clearance certificate whenever required, please bless Elius with what is good for him,his successful renewal of his residency visa ,please save me and Ethan and Evan from the unforeseen, Lord Jesus, especially protect us and the kids from Elius forceful and unreasonable demands regarding religious issues, creating unnecessary tension , chaos in our lives, forceful Islamic rites, will,rituals customs, beliefs on Ethan and Evan, against their will and for us as a family.For the good health of Ethan and Evan, for their brotherly bond to grow stronger and deeper every day, that they love, accept and understand each other better, handle each other well, support each other help each other all their lives. For Charlotte and Prashant married life and relationship to improve, bring them closer in love, understanding, companionship, togetherness and support of each other and their good health of mind, body and spirit. For protection from all harm and evil, good health, a lifetime of happiness, joy, peace, love, laughter, trust, honesty, respect, loyalty, fidelity, togetherness, compatibility, commitment, successful career , health, love, bond, relationship , friendship ,companionship, blessed, contented, sure , secure and confident feelings about each other, happy married life and family life for Manan Joshi and Yesha Rughani as a couple deeply in love with each other,soulmates, please safeguard, strengthen and deepen their love in your love, Manan’s talent recognised and acknowledged, good, meaningful, successful projects and continuous flow of work for Manan which is good for him, gives him creative satisfaction, successful and superhit mv’s and projects together as main leads of Manan and Yesha as a couple,soon, their casting together in successful and good projects, as per your will Lord..Lord. For Ethan and Evan education that they excel academically, that they get an excellent tutor for Maths and science and languages without any hassles and obstacles, Lord Jesus please let Aunty Luna mentor both Ethan and Evan in Maths with her knowledge whenever needed, wisdom, care expertise, without interference. Lord Jesus I offer and surrender the situation we are facing with Aunty Winnie moving from our house, Uncle Adolf family indifference to us and our family, their unwillingness to do anything to help A Winnie, Keeping her at a distance and pretending to show concern for her,their taking us for granted. You know my fears, anxieties Lord, you take care of it.Please help me to be cool , collected and calm, to stay positive, believe, Lord I always pray for my heart’s desire for me and the boys to go on a much needed holiday together, our family’s wish to migrate to Canada or any other good country, for a better and bright future, if it be your holy will. Father in heaven, whatever it takes, set us free from unbelieving fear by opening our eyes to reality. Do not allow us to remain silent or inactive. The freest people in the world are those who trust you most. We will not let you go until you bless us, because you are too glorious and souls are too precious for us to remain muted by fear. In Jesus’s name, Amen. Through the powerful intercession of our blessed and holy Mother Mary.AMEN

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