Prayer request: addiction and marriage

by Isabel O. (Alberta, Canada)

Please pray for my ex-boyfriend Darryl, he has been in treatment for nearly 3 months and he wants to leave his one year program. Please pray he stays in treatment for the full 12 months and he finishes it successfully. Please pray he stays sober for the rest of his life.

Although we broke up, I want him to be happy even if it means him being with another woman. Please pray he will meet a good woman whom he will have a very happy healthy marriage with whom he can father children with. He will make a good husband and father when he is ready.

Please pray he will have open communication with all people he encounters and has a close loving relationship with God.

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  1. Please help with overcoming addiction.

    I absolutely choose to take 100% full responsibility for doing what’s needed on my

    part to make these intentions become a reality.

    Request is as follows:

    Please pray with me to bring into being my heart’s true desire.

    My personal (wish list) for the next 21 days:

    1. Total abstinence from substance and stimulants beginning ASAP, Call AA or NA

    support group for advice or sponsorship.

    (It’s apparently crucial and I’m extremely stubborn, so this alone could be a small


    2.That I completely change my diet and begin cooking for myself again, implementing

    healthy nutritional support.

    Full body cleanse, (I already have ingredients on hand, for over a year already, have

    done nothing).

    3. Clean up the entire house from head to toe, outer environment is highly


    4. Stick to my 21 minute a day yoga and exercise practice that I just learned.

    5. Commit to continued financial responsibility , 40 hour work week for the

    remainder of the year or until I have firmly established my own upcoming business, Lately progress on this life long dream has ground to a halt.

    6. Freedom from the compulsive tendency that drove me to write this in such

    exaggerated detail to begin with.

    7. Take seriously these intentions even after I’m not high in the morning,

    that I have the strength and courage to follow through with doing my part,

    so that at the very least item number 1 becomes a solid and sustainable life long


    Thanks again for your witness and support. Wish me luck! I know I can do this!

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