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God please help people who have ever acted before, ever and do and would worship you, as well as people who encourage others, people who are stuck, people who need to turn around and be put on the path of the living and also people who carry regret, help people who are sick and people with good and bad memories, help people who coach, people who seen a bad thing and people who seen a good thing. God please help people who protect, and people who serve, help people with a past, people in the present and people in the future. I thank you Jesus for thy divine will and perfect peace for those who need it, also for helping those who are racing to you have endurance and also help people know about your love for them Father so they will not Go to hell… LORD God almighty I thank you for removing guilt and giving freedom. We lift up community needs as well as Kingdom needs and speak peace and love to the body of Christ… Thank you for helping people fall in love and make babies as we need that to be able to continue as a species… Help people who don’t believe in you know and believe, help people who need a sign and direction like Gideon did… even if they need multiple signs or songs, LORD help show them what they need to need to know or see as you are a good Shepard and we shall not want. Help Grandpas and Grandmas and help parents raise up their Children in the way and keep those children safe… Help people who want to hurt people not want to do that, and help people who want to help people heal help them help others. Help people who help others, and help your body come together in forgiveness. Also help pets and people with animals of every kind. Help us use our spiritual gifting’s and walk in the path of righteousness… by having good intentions for others and not bad ones knowing that if a good thing happens to one of us it happens to us all. Help people who are angry with you Pappa by showing them wisdom and understanding… Help teachers and students and show and allow people to read what they need to when they need to… Give us wisdom LORD God almighty, the entire human species as we need you now more than others and please come back soon LORD Jesus in Jesus name Amen.

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