Prayer please forgive me and heal me

by Devotee (Bangalore)

Dear Lord Jesus chirst,

You know about me and how i am suffering in my life from childhood…it is almost half of my life… still you want me to suffer… Can i know why u have sent me to this world, what is my responsibility to this world and why i still alive on this earth and do i deserve this life please answer to my heart’s pains and questions… I dont have life at all, now i am depended on my father, mother and brother… i am burden to them, which i am not able to digest… please answer me….

Every girl will have a dream in her life as to study well, get a good job and being a helping hand to her husband and to her family whom ever it may be (in laws or mother, father and brother), dream of getting a good husband who will take care of her like a child till her last breath, good childrens etc
but in my life i have left with nothing god, i may be a sinner jesus but now i am asking you to heal me and forgiving me and accepting me as ur daughter.

You know what all happened in my life …. You know my husband how he behaves and acts… his behind a girl and she has a child also… but they behavior is something different which makes me to misunderstand my husband… i dont know my misunderstanding is wrong or correct… and moreover me and my husband are parting on this month 29th.. i dont know my decision is correct or wrong … jesus u have to only make me understand which is right and wrong… if i am doing anything wrong jesus please guide me to a correct way or if i am on a correct way kindly bless me and move me forward….jesus please… I am alone on this world… your are the only person for me jesus, ur my father, mother god and everything…i left all my burden and life on ur feet jesus please heal me and make my husband, mother in law and brother in law to know about my goodness and my value in there life…my husband should understand how important i am in his life… jesus please make them understand my value in they life and show me a correct and good life..

Jesus kindly give me a good job to survive my life please, i dont want to be burden on any one.. please show me a way please

Jesus if there is any mistake in my prayer please forgive me and heal me

Your loving daughter