Prayer on Needing guidance in my future and career

by Lisa (Phx Az)

Dear heavenly father, i am forever grateful for the blessings in my life. I have love from my husband and children, family and co- workers. I lost 2 very important people within the last 2 years( one was my mother) my heart sometimes become so overwhelmed with the loss of my mother. I miss her dearly.

I am wanting to become a greater person all together, i want to advance in my career, i need the confidence and self-esteem to become a better therapist. I am trying so hard to move and it seems there always obstacles in the way. My husband is searching for work while he goes to school and i do see him trying, and trying to maintain the utmost patience about it.

I pray that my patience will pay off, i will continue to pray and give you all the glory for each blessings we do recieve. Amen

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