prayer on my dream

by Tunga (Ulanbatar, Mongolia)

Dear Sirs

1. I have a dream to begin a center that teaches to children and adults about behavior, communication with others, to dream and go to prepare and to achieve for it, to change their minds, thoughts, actions and lots more. How to discipline and care children, disabilities etc. These some simple things are very big trouble in my country and they are living very sadly and very difficult conditions, so they need to listen which is right… and understand truth of life and change their minds and live more fun and easy, peaceful.

So first I think for finance and I think to run some business and use those profits to the center. I dream every day and think every hour about this center and even some nights I can’t sleep. So I think I need to begin my prayer with others, and I need real help. And need sponsor on my dream and I can begin my business and begin to collect money for the center.

It will change thousands mind and heart and life as i see in my dream from God. It will be great.
2. I have 3 kids and my parents asked me to care them living with us as they can’t care themselves. My husband begun to work, but only providing on some of our foods, but not more. We need good apartment to live. Then i can care others and think more for others.

Please pray.

Thank you for my brothers and sisters in Christ.