Prayer of Thanksgiving

Thank you Lord God for all the blessings bestowed upon me and my family. This existence in the world is filled with so much beauty and wonder. Thank you Lord, God for sending our savior Jesus, so that we may experience all that life has to offer, and know the awesomeness of Love and kindness through witnessing pain.

Thank you Oh God, for forgiveness and mercy through Jesus, for loving the world. Thank you dear God for giving me the strength and faith to overcome the oppressors, for they are fierce in number.Dear Lord I pray for those who desire to destroy the innocent, and terrorise the weak.

I hope that in you the weak will be strong, and the decieved will know the truth, I pray that you go to them Lord,and show them the beauty and love and grace of God, so that they may see their err and find peace and contentment in their lives.

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