Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Most Exalted God

by Chad (Toronto Ontario Canada)

Dearest God the exalted and most high , my loving and living creator, creator of all that is, I am grateful for all the blessing and gifts I am that in possession of which you have and continually bless me with, I am feeling envy and opposition against me trying to stop me from receiving your loving gifts,

I ask therefore in your name that the blessings increase and I am provided with health , wealth , prosperity , abundance and protection I need to overcome any and all obstacles in my path, render all obstacles non existent to me, provide me the guidance to avoid and and destroy any hindrance seeking to stop me from receiving your loving blessings.

I am your child, your creation therefore my praise unto you , you are my example and mentor I am deeply thankful to be made of your substance , my life is a gift, I thank you forever as yours is the kingdom forever and ever
Amen – so be it

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